27 maggio 2016


Sala Q4 P1 16 c/o Area della Ricerca Milano 3 di via Cozzi 53 - Milano

sem 27mag2016 The Impact Behaviour of Materials and Structures (IBMS) Research Group at Swinburne University of Technology is a leading research group in impact engineering in Australia.

The group has worked on the mechanical response and energy absorption of various materials and structures.

Experimental work, finite element modelling and theoretical analysis on novel materials and structures have been conducted comprehensively.

The presentation covers:

  1. The mechanical testing facilities (high speed Instron, SHPBs, Drop Hammer and Gas Guns) at Swinburne University of Technology;
  2. Dynamic testing of materials (metals, aluminium honeycombs and foams, fibres, composites, etc.) at strain rates up to 3000 /s;
  3. Mechanical response and energy absorption of structures (monolithic and sandwich panels, hollow and hybrid tubes) subjected to dynamic (including ballistic and blast) loadings.
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